chocolate banana oat bars


this is kind of a cop-out post.  i'll be honest. 

there are lots of photos on my camera for lots of yummy recipes.  short ribs.  brownies.  cauliflower.  (yes, cauliflower.  trust me.)

there are even more recipes on my weekend to do list.  pumpkin apple cake.  more short ribs. 

plus, i have things i want to tell you.  about dutch-processed cocoa and chili sauce.  and frosting.

but this week, i was distracted.  by margaritas and tequila shots and, well, what it feels like to be nearly thirty the morning after you have a bit too much fun on a school night.  plus, there was giggling and vampires and new extracurricular activities.  oh, and after months of running jail, i'm totally supposed to be training for some crazy half-marathon that is exactly one month away. 

whew.  no wonder i'm sleepy!

next week . . . i promise awesomeness.

in the mean time, these bars are pretty darn good.

i found this recipe on a great blog.  cookies masquerading as breakfast bars.

they might be vegan and vaguely healthyish.  they might contain two tried and true breakfast foods – banana and oats – but don't be deceived.

they are rich and gooey and wholly satisfying.  the banana chips are such a value add – giving each bite a soft crunch.   and the edges have that perfect, brownie-like chew.  mmm.



Chocolate Banana Oat Bars

I didn't change anything about this recipe except rename it for accuracy, dammit, accuracy!  Go visit Eat, Live, Run for her recipe!

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